In the last few hours we have been reporting on the curious Censorship case that was seen in the latest episode of the anime adaptation of the manga Tokyo Revengers. This censorship involved a variety of lighting effects, close-ups, and even deleted scenes behind a black screen, with the aim of not displaying a representative symbol of the franchise on-screen.

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

After this change went viral on social networks, the signals were sent to the streaming platform Crunchyroll They didn't wait, accusing her of seriously altering the episode so as not to "offend" certain areas of their audience. However, the same orange platform responded to such a situation and mentioned to one of its subscribers in France through their Twitter account that they "They are strictly prohibited from editing or retouching episodes." So what "The episode was delivered to them by the producer with the censorship in between. ".

The series has aired on various television channels in Japan since April 10, and the number of episodes has not yet been confirmed. For his part, Wakui began to publish the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in March 2017. The work is said to have more than fifteen million copies in circulation.

Tokyo Revengers Synopsis

While watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his high school girlfriend Hinata Tachibana has died. The only girl who ever noticed him was killed by a group of criminals known as Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi lives in an old, thin-walled apartment and at work his boss, who is six years his junior, treats him like trash. To top it off, he's a complete virgin ...

On the threshold of his life, he suddenly goes back twelve years to his high school days. To save Hinata and change the course of time, the once useless part-time worker Takemichi must try to become the leader of Tokyo's darkest criminal gang!

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