After thirteen episodes of action, violence and frightening twists and turns, the second season of Re: Zero is interrupted and prepares to return shortly after the Christmas season. You can take a look at the former above Teaser trailer for the second part of the season, but we assume there are scenes from the last midseason.

The first thirteen episodes of the second season of Re: Zero took place in a single scenario and showed the protagonist Natsuki Subaru facing a literally impossible mission. The boy, who possesses the power to "return from the dead", must rescue his friend Rem, who fell into a deep sleep after the attack of two deadly sins of the witch cult.

Subaru, who is locked in the sanctuary with Emilia, Ram, Otto and Roswaal, also has to face Garfiel to kill him after smelling the witch inside him. to prevent Emilia from going insane and finally to face the skilled assassin Elsa, in the estate of Roswaal within four days to stop them from killing Petra, Beatrice and Frederica.

In the first twelve episodes, fans saw multiple deaths and as many "returnees", and in the last episode number 13 was finally shown Confrontation between Subaru and the witch Satella, the one who gave him the power to "return from the dead".

Subject: Zero 2 will then be suspended until the end of the current year, and will return to Crunchyroll in January 2021. The White Fox guys have confirmed that the second season will consist of 25 episodes in total. So for the second part we have to be satisfied with one less episode.

What do you think about it? What rating would you give this first part of the season? Let us know with a comment! If you'd like to check out ours, you can check out our Re: Zero 2 - Part 1 review.

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