The latest episode of My hero academy caused a lot of emotions among the fans. Although the web was unhappy with the animations in My Hero Academia 6x09, there's no denying that the episode did a very good job of delving into the background of the character of Bakugo and his conflicted relationship with Deku.

Katsuki Bakugo was a schoolmate of decu since kindergarten, but did not return his friendship. Always willing to help Bakugo, young Midoriya also ignored the fact that the other never missed an opportunity to taunt or bully him in public without getting into too many troubles. Bakugo's human growth over the course of 6 seasons of My Hero Academia eventually led the hero to appreciate Midoriya and her strength, leading him to become a true feat in the last episode.

In My Hero Academia 6x09, Bakugo actually saved Deku in Extremis and suffered a perhaps fatal blow Shigaraki Tomura. To celebrate the explosive hero, Studio BONES decided to create a key visual dedicated to him, which you can see in @'s tweetheroaca_anime at the end of this message. In the artwork, Bakugo views his hero suit's gauntlet with doubt but conviction, with likely intent to improve his weapons.

Did you like the development of Bakugo in My Hero Academia? What do you think his destiny will be in the next installment of the series?

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