A few hours after the release of the eighth installment of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, author Tite Kubo has released some new original art that gives us a better idea of ​​it Character skins of the first generation Gotei 13 captains.

The ending of Bleach: Thosuand-Year Blood War 1x07 caught the attention original formation of the Gotei 13ruthless commanders who ended the war with Yhwach and are only hinted at in the manga series.

But who were the first commanders that enabled Soul Society to triumph in the war that took place against the Quincy a thousand years earlier? Before proceeding with a new episode of the anime series, Tite Kubo offers us a new look at these protagonists who arouse so much curiosity in opera lovers.

Total the Sensei published 12 sketches of the original Gotei 13 by Bleach. Through this concept art, we can admire the character designs and some details of the original commanders of the 13 divisions. We can therefore take a closer look at Furofushi Saito, Chika Shihouin, Danjiro Obana, Nobutsuna Shigyou, Furuoki Outokawa, JiuHin Zenjou, Kinroku Izuhara, Unsai Katoribatsu, Entetsu Kumoi, Saizou Sakahone, Yamamoto and Yachiru Unohana. Each sketch is accompanied by the name of the respective commander in kanji. Which of these designs do you like the most?

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