From the battle between Denji and the Devil of Eternity in Chainsaw Man 1x07, the Devil Hunter emerged victorious, gaining freedom for himself and his comrades from the Fourth Public Security Division. However a A new enemy is already emerging in Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man.

Denji just received the most disgusting kiss of his life in Chainsaw Man 1x07, but Himeno will try to make it up to him. Drunk because of the bet with Makima and Aki, the Huntress returns home accompanied by the young protagonist. In the final moments of the episode, we see them in the same bed, but what's next?

in the Chainsaw Man 1x08 Denji's dream could come true. The boy is in Himeno's bed drunk trying to seduce him and make up for what happened a few moments earlier. Will Denji spend a night of fire alongside the Fourth Division's comrade?

The day after, Makima has to leave Tokyo to reach Kyoto. However, the journey will prove not a little problematic due to a sudden attack of the enemies. What kind of devil will attack the protagonists this time?

In the thumbnails of the eighth episode of the Chainsaw Man anime, we see the appearance of two antagonists, Sawatani and Katana Man. Denji must transform into the chainsaw man and face a new, dangerous threat.

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