Just one step away from triumph, the Quincy's had to retire. Soul Society is safe, but it's facing its toughest time. Will the Gotei 13 recover despite the heavy battle losses? Here you are Preview images of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x08.

The invasion suffered by the Wandenreich brought Soul Society to its knees. The Star Knights have advanced as far as Seireitei, bringing death to anyone who tries to resist their attack. Even the strongest Soul Reapers have proven weak against the Quincy who have the ability to steal Bankai and the like Commander General Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto was killed from deceiving the enemy. The last hope was placed on Kurosaki Ichigo, but he was defeated in battle against Yhwach. Now that his zanpakutō has been destroyed, how will he return to battle?

If the Soul Society survived the onslaught of the Quincy in this Millennial War of Bleach, credit goes to Sosuke Aizen, who managed to pull off his time spent in the Society of Souls in the brief moments he was close to Yhwach. That star knights had to move away, but with a promise to return soon to finish the work.

In the eighth episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War the SThe whole of society will have to reorganize its forces and treat the wounded. Ichigo himself must recover from the beatings Yhwach inflicted on him. However, the protagonist is tormented by the destruction of the zanpakutō. How will the Soul Society withstand the next attack?

That Gotei 13 hides another subdivision, as we can see from the pictures at the end of the article. The Zero Division will therefore make its debut in the direct service of the Soul King.

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