The villains seem to have managed to land hits that rocked the hero faction. In the last chapters of My hero academy We started with All for One, who became young again thanks to Eri's personality. Daby burns again after being defeated, while Spinner finally managed to wake Kurogiri up and bring him back to the villains.

The victory of Spinner's voice marks a huge step forward for the villains they can now count on Kurogiri Teleporter. This not only allowed Daby to get to his father in no time in My Hero Academia, but also spread the effects of one of the most devastating quirks and start the new Sad Man Parade.

In My Hero Academia 375, Himiko Toga's transformation will take more and more body, who took the Twice quirk and created an army out of it. Faced with mutating into his long-lost friend, Toga will unleash a large, sweeping attack, attacking heroes on every battlefield. It is not yet known where the real toga is located or if this power has limits, but it is certainly time for a sad women's parade. And that could set in motion the long-awaited showdown between her and Ochako Uraraka that hasn't been seen before.

due to a break, My Hero Academia 375 will be released on December 11, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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