The dramatic events at the beginning of Season 6 My hero academy They weakened the ranks of heroes, who, however, managed to respond to the villains' threat with an extraordinary combination of attacks. In fact, in the seventh episode, two students entered the battlefield spectacularly: Midoriya and Bakugo.

The friendship and rivalry that have always shaped them the relationship between the protagonist and the explosive Kacchan has always been an obstacle to their direct collaboration, but in the anime's latest installment, the two brushed aside the bumps to save at the last second. Shigaraki had actually resisted erasershardened by the latter stages of the war and willing to sacrifice himself again to protect his students.

However, two of his top students come to Aizawa's aid. Deku lunges at Shigaraki, followed immediately by Bakugo, who confidently declares, "This time it's our turn' as if to thank the professor who helped them become real heroes from the very first days at the academy. A combo that allows the protagonists to sufficiently stop Shigaraki let the Pro Hero Endeavor hit it. What do you think of this synergy between Bakugo and Deku? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the preview images of My Hero Academia Episode 6x08.

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