In October 2022, TMS Entertainment surprised all fans of the adventures of Lupine III, the thief who was born from the mind of Monkey Punch, and announced the production of a prequel mini-series called Lupine Zero. After the first trailer, which received an excellent response, here are the character designs dedicated to two of the main characters.

As previously published by the same animation studio, Animated film by Telekom, the series aims to trace Lupin's youth in Japan in the '60s, respecting what is mentioned in the manga and adding fully original material specially developed for the miniseries. The trailer already showed 13-year-old Lupine, who will be the protagonist throughout the film six episodes directed by Daisuke Sakoand now his official character design has also been revealed.

In fact, you can see it in the post at the bottom of the page Lupin, in a blue suitand with longer hair than we know him, and jigen, with an attitude and style immediately reminiscent of Lupin's seasoned gunslinger and inseparable companion. The two are voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka and Shunsuke Takeuchi. Let us know in the comments if these designs convince you.

Finally we leave you with our special dedicated to the character of Lupine III in the world of entertainment.

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