The heroes' two-pronged attack caught the Supernatural Liberation Front off guard, but they managed to change the fate of the War of my Hero Academy. If on Mount Gunga the frontline generals are keeping the game alive, at Jaku Hospital it's Tomura Shigaraki and his high-end Nomu who are worried.

Tomura Shigaraki's second birth brought chaos and destruction. In a single moment, brave heroes like Crust perished, pulverized by his decay. However, the leader of the villains seems completely disinterested in fighting the Pro Heroes. His only interest, dictated by inner voice of All For Oneis the one for all.

In My Hero Academia 6x06, Shigaraki follows in Midoriya's footsteps by showing off the new quirks he's now equipped with. Despite being surrounded by the best Pro Heroes in the world including Number One Endeavor, Ryukyu and Eraserhead, Shigaraki is not worried. He just didn't recalled to the Gigantomachy orderbut also several high-end Nomu.

In the seventh installment of My Hero Academia 6, we witness the rampant onslaught of Gigantomachia causing panic along the course and the heroes' desperate attempt to stop it. Stop MachiaHowever, it's like facing a train at full speed, and not even Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods seem able to slow it down. The boys from Yuei High School's Classes 1-A and 1-B will also contribute to this fight. while in, Endeavor will try to beat Shigaraki engages him in an explosive dogfight.

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