After defeating Kaio in the sixth part of Ken the Warrior, the heir to the Sacred School of Hokuto said goodbye to Lynn and Bart forever. That Kenshiro's journey it is not ready yet. On King Black he has one last mission to complete.

Ken went in search of Ryu, the son of Raulto train him and make him the new master of Hokuto. But meanwhile, Koketsu, a soldier who was part of Raoul's army, has cleverly managed to amass power and create his own army. Koketsu is also responsible for the deaths of the couple who raised Ryu. To avenge her, Ken and Ryu end the evil trickster's life.

After entrusting the lands conquered by Koketsu to his friend Barga, Ken and Ryo they move away. However, the boy is swept away by an avalanche and rescued by the princess of the Kingdom of Sava. The princess recognizes Ken's strength and leads the duo to her kingdom for help. King Asam is ill but unable to appoint an heir to the throne as his three sons Kai, Bukou and Satora are of equal strength and unable to come to an agreement. At the death of the king of kingdom would descend into chaos and for this, Asam asks Ken to hit his children. Defeated, the three eventually defend each other by regaining their father's trust.

However, Kai is killed by the barbarians of Blanca's kingdom and when Asam dies, the throne is inherited by Bukou. Satora instead decides to go to his lover, the princess of the kingdom of Blanca. However, the current Emperor of Blanca, Barran, is evil and corrupt.

In the past, Barran was taught thatHokuto Art by Raoul, but still he gets hit by Ken. Barran is in disbelief at his old master's death and only admits his defeat thanks to Ryu. Eventually he frees the previous king of Blanca and has himself killed in front of the people of the realm. Its ending teaches Ryu how a brave man dies.

After entrusting Ryu to Barga's care, Ken goes to Juliet's grave. On the spot, however, he discovers that Bart wiped Lynn's memory because he couldn't live with the fact that she had forgotten that she loved Ken. However, Kenshiro has no intention of seeing his old friends again, and as punishment from heaven, Julia wipes his memory. Ken wanders the desert with no memories and meets up lynn and burt, who runs away so the two can live alone. However, assailant Borge, who clashed with Ken years earlier, is on their trail in search of revenge. Burt, posing as Ken, is tortured but saved by Ken, who regains his memory thanks to his friend's words.

When Lynn sees Burt on the brink of death, she also regains her memory. The girl eventually realizes that she loves Burt and Ken's pressure on her tsubo points saves him from certain death. Ken the Warrior closes with Ken che He goes into the desert to continue protecting the weakest. This latest saga is narrated in the chapters of the manga "Hokuto no Ken" from 211 to 245. If you haven't followed this story from the beginning, here's the first story arc of Ken the Warrior.

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