Dark Gathering was born as a horror manga by Kenichi Kondo. It debuted in 2019 in Jump Square magazine to notable success, which then paved the way for the announcement of the Dark Gathering anime.

An official trailer for the anime of the franchise has already been released, but essentially it consisted of showing some of Kondo's tables. Dark Gathering's new promotional video was released on November 10th and gives us a much clearer idea of ​​Dark Gathering's work Hiroshi Hikeata, the director.

From the first seconds we get acquainted Keitar® Gentо̄ga. This boy has the ability to see ghosts, although due to a tragic event, he deeply despises them. In fact, we see it in the as a high school teacher, a part-time job in which he hopes to find some peace. Then we see her sweet friend Eiko Hо̄zukie and introductions end with la how tender, how disturbing Yayoi Hо̄zuki, first student of the protagonist, very interested in spirits. Various action scenes with macabre tones follow and don't skimp on bloody depictions.

In the meantime Keitarou is dragged to haunted places by Yayoi and Eiko, his part-time job is becoming less and less relaxing. While we wait to find out how the story of the unfortunate will end, we leave you with our review of Uzumaki - Spiral, a manga of the horror genre hailed by international critics as an unmissable masterpiece.

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