During the first week of March, Kodansha announced the production of one hundred maxi copies of The Attack of the Giants, three feet high and seven feet wide (1.40 meters from the Open), to celebrate the release of the final chapter in April is that to be conquered Guinness world record for the greatest comic book in the world.

Consisting of 96 pages (approximately two chapters) and weighing 13.7 kg, ieThe Attack of the Giants' max volume went viral instantlyand fans have been eagerly awaiting the opening of pre-orders. Today Kodansha announced that the hundred copies are on sale at the modest price of 150,000 yen (about € 1200). Sold out in less than two minuteswho have favourited a few updates to the buying page.

The band is solemn and consequently it is hard to imagine that Kodansha would want to make others A reprint of this maxi copy is almost certain, however, while the fans keep asking for more. Unfortunately, the specimens are only available in Japan, so it is unlikely that the western public will get their hands on any of these valuable collectibles.

On the subject of "The attack of the giants", we remind you that the NHK broadcaster is currently broadcasting the replica of the 14th episode of the anime series in Japan, which was interrupted by an earthquake last week. Immediately after the episode ends, episode 15 will also airThis will lay the foundation for the season finale on March 28th. On Tuesday, the 23rd, you can register with VVVVID or Amazon Prime Video and watch both episodes.

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