A new promotional video for the smartphone game was developed on the official YouTube channel "Poka TV" Cygames, Uma Musume: Nice derby. The video is told by the voice actors Azumi Waki and Rena Maeda.

The game will be released in Japan on February 24th for iOS and Android devices. However, no global release is currently planned. The market launch was originally planned for winter 2018 (January to March), but has since been postponed indefinitely to improve the quality of the end product.

On the other hand, this franchise also inspires adaptations to manga and anime. The first season of thirteen episodes was produced by the studios PAWORKS, Headed by Kei oikawa and scripts from Akihiko Ishihara, released April 2018. A second season animated by Studio Kai It has been broadcasting in Japan since January 5th.

Description of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

The concept of the game starts with the Uma Musume (Horse Girls), girls with excellent running skills who strive to become the best idols and participate in the national sports entertainment program "Twinkle Series". The players take on the role of the teacher and trainer for the girls at Nihon Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen, helping them debut in the industry.

Source: ANN

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