in the My hero academia season 6 there is hardly any room left for the carefree tones to which we were accustomed from the series. The conflict between heroes and villains embroils the two fronts in a terrible war that has already claimed several lives. However, in the middle of the fight, one of the scenes that made fans laugh the most takes place.

readers of Manga series by Kohei Horikoshi They've been waiting for this scene to be adapted for a long time, and the fifth part of My Hero Academia's sixth season has finally crowned their dream. Here is the coming sitting meme!

As the heroes raid Gunga's mansion in the mountains, Geten unleashes one of his massive ice attacks. because of the frost Mount Lady slips and falls backwards. Below her a poor man Fat chewing gum He has to flee to avoid being crushed by the giant heroine who yells "Butt Comes". This skit that happens in chapter 271 of the manga series is known as The on the internet incoming prey meme and was eventually adapted by the anime as well.

Such is the fan appreciation for this scene that Studio BONES recycled it twice and staged a rerun in My Hero Academia 6x06. Also, compared to the original version, the meme got a 'additional shot of the heroine's butt. And you, did you remember that beautiful misfortune that happened in Fat Gum?

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