Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family give the public one of the best anime schedules ever. On the one hand we witnessed Denji and Pochita's blood-tinged debut, on the other hand thisOperation Strix by the Forger family continues with the second cour. However, the multiverse is a concept we still know little about.

Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man they are two completely different works, but united by the same ironic and light tone and love for animals. The thirteenth episode of Spy x Family made Anya meet Bond, a big dog who, after various vicissitudes, was adopted by the counterfeiters. However, in Chainsaw Man, Denji only has one friend, the devil baby Pochita. However, a distortion of the timeline changed the course of events.

A fan-made clip that was posted to Twitter and immediately went viral was seen Anya meet instead of Bond, as it really happens, only Pochita. Ignoring the devil boy's dangerous chainsaw and amazed and fascinated by him, the friendship between the two springs immediately. Possibly the telepathic child is destined to replace Denji as Chainsaw Girl. It's not the first time Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man have met, but the video and images created by the users this time are quite captivating and very successful.

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