Over the past year, the anime industry has seen general interest grow 33%, staggering numbers that continue to make up that of animation. one of the most productive and valued industries in the world. However, the situation for speakers, animators and directors does not appear to have changed, at least according to the latest statements from Taiki Nishimura.

For those who do not know him, remember that Taiki Nishimura was the director of Gundam Seed mobile suit, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, School rumble is Tsusgumomoand has been fighting for years in defense of animators, voice actors and other employees of the large animation studios. Unfortunately, despite the growth in the industry, salaries remain low and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living in this profession.

""When I explained to my lawyers that a contract wasn't even necessary to practice this profession, they were all surprised"said the director."Every day I do my best to fix this industry of abuse of power and sexual harassmentand every day I'm closer to losing my job [sorride]. I want the situation to improve and I hope the Directors Guild of Japan can help us"The director has always asked the animators not to accept any abuse, and his tweet is just another attempt to draw attention to an issue that has been ignored for too long.

Nishimura is part of the Directors Guild of Japan, a trade union organization that has campaigned for the rights of Japanese animators and directors for eighty years. The director had explained that a few years ago His director's salary was € 730 per month, a skimpy figure, but still taller than the rest of the staff at the animation studio where he worked. The industry has to change urgently, and the hope is that the director's message will be clear and precise.

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