The incredible fight that characterized the final episodes of Boruto: Naruto the next generations it was finally solved thanks to a ruse by Kawaki. However, the price for this victory is very high. The Hokage had to say goodbye to his closest friend, who, with a sensational twist, sacrificed himself for the common good.

Boruto episode 218 was real heartbreaking for all fans of Masashi Kishimoto's work. At the end of the episode, Naruto actually had to part with whoever accompanied him from day one.

When the battle with the Otsutsuki is decided in favor of the Ninja of the Leaf, the Seventh Hokage, who is now powerless, faints. Awakening in his consciousness is Naruto convinced that he is dead because of the baryon mode, the very powerful transformation that enabled him to match the powers of Isshiki. Kurama, however, had voluntarily one detail left out: Naruto wouldn't die, but he would.

Before they finally say goodbye to their supporting force, Nine-tailed fox remember the past In his eyes, time is running backwards: Naruto becomes the plague child of yore, the brave genin of Team 7, the hero of Konoha and finally the seventh Hokage again. During this time, Kurama also changed from one heartless monster the hero who sacrificed himself for Konoha. With one last blow, Naruto and Kurama say goodbye forever.

In your opinion, is the fox really dead? We leave you an update on Sasuke after Boruto 218.

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