ONE PIECE 994 Spoiler: Yamato’s explanation is well received

We are only on Tuesday but the various leaks that take care of posting the various advances of ONE PIECE on the web are already in turmoil. After the first news from yesterday, that is the break from ONE PIECE, and today, that is the title of ONE PIECE 994, there is other news.

Let's see me together first spoiler from ONE PIECE 994 which summarize the new information, unfortunately without pictures, but with some sketches that summarize what will happen. It returns to the Battle of the Dome with Kin'emon and uses its fire technique to cauterize Kiku's severe wound. Kaido has always liked the essence of a samurai and like death completes a man's life. Then he goes back to his human versionand leave the dragon with it.

Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe continue their ascent but still face plenty of high-profile headliners but they manage to get through for now. Instead, we see in the field that the Queen's orbs possess both enemies and allies. Chopper believes Queen has the antidote and calamity is giving Apoo a dose of it. The latter must not let them fall into enemy hands, otherwise he will be mercilessly executed by the queen. But everyone is starting to chase him.

You go back to Clash between Yamato and Sasaki. Yamato faces some low-level pirates by also blocking attacks on Momonosuke with his own body. The child asks why he said Oden's name before when Yamato returns to the title sentence and says, "My other name is Yamato and I can die for you!". With this statement, yes concludes chapter 994 of ONE PIECE.

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