The proclamation proclaimed by Otama in ONE PIECE 1038 met with unexpected success. The little girl's words tipped the tide of battle, which now seemed to swing in favor of the pirates of the Hundred Beasts, and Mugiwara were able to launch their counterattack.

Otama kindly asked those who ate a kibi dango to side with him and say rebel against Kaido's forces. The Gifters surprisingly accepted the girl's proposal and allowed the Mugiwara to fight back in ONE PIECE 1039.

So, those who were enemies until recently line up alongside Franky, Nami, and all the others. Now the Straw Hat Pirates just have to Wait with resistance until their captain returnssaved by the Hearts pirates.

With Jinbe who started his fight with Who is Who, in ONE PIECE 1040 we will discover the history of the Gom Gom fruit. Apparently, the Tobiroppo was a member of CP9 at the time the fruit was stolen and holds a strong grudge against Shanks the Red and Luffy, the one who ate Gom Gom. But does this fruit hide something else?

in the Preview of ONE PIECE 1040, Jinbe is the author of his first official battle as a helmsman of the Mugiwara. The episode will be broadcast in Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on November 13, 2022.

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