Black Clover has reached the final stage of the anime. After completing a long arc of fillers taking up the time leap present in the manga, Studio Pierrot's production reverted to the original story by adding opening 13 for Black Clover along with the latest adventures from Asta and the kingdom's other companions presented by Klee.

The main enemy this time around is the Dark Triad, who fights far and wide and puts all of Black Clover's main characters in crisis. In the meantime, we can see with the episode that comes to Crunchyroll some of the scenes from episode 164, already expected with a recap along with future episodes of Black Clover in February.

Below we see two tweets from the well-known BCSpoiler portal, always dedicated to the Studio Pierrot anime, in which we see Yami Sukehiro with his usual expression, then Dante, Charmy, Noelle, Gaja and finally the protagonist Asta, who to be seems to be injured and knocked out. Between expressions of dismay, anger and surprise, there seems to be one on the horizon Another episode of Black Clover is full of action.

Now it's close to the scheduled end of Black Clover in late March 2021, waiting to find out what projects are in store for the future of this anime.

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