Hunter X HunterTogashi's manga masterpiece, which was on hiatus for about four years due to health issues, is back in the works with its new first series of chapters.

Since so long has passed, the Hisoka's return in the series, which is also included in Hunter x Hunter 393 spoilers, surprised some fans who are wondering what the controversial and charismatic character's future plans are.

L'Sheet of the succession tender It started a few years ago with a bitter fight between Chrollo and Hisoka. In the end, Chrollo was the winner and erased Hisoka's life from Heaven's arena. However, the latter was able to bring him back to life with his bungee gum technique and then cover his wounds with Texture Surprise. Hisoka then threatens to kill all members of the Phantom Brigade, quickly eliminating Kortopi and Shanark, and then sneaks into the Black Whale ship.

There were many theories that Hisoka would use Texture Surprise to change his appearance and hide among the characters we've already seen, but they were debunked with his return. Involved in the battles between the Kakin families, will address other members of the brigade. What will he choose after that?

Do you think this will be Hisoka's next step? In the meantime, let's understand what are Kakin's mafia families.

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