With the fifth season of the anime from My Hero Academia It's time to meet and analyze the Yuei High School grade 1-B students. This section will challenge the protagonists in a joint training session. We discover the secrets of the mysterious Vantablack and its dark nature.

The new My Hero Academia poster has finally revealed the design of 1-B's up and coming heroes, including Shihai Kuroiro, better known as Scheming Hero Vantablack. His quirk, called Black, allows him to merge and move freely within it all dark colorincluding shadows.

Thanks to that, Vantablack Ambush out of nowhere or hide without a trace from enemy attacks as long as there is obviously dark matter nearby. Indoors or during night missions, Shihai is a terrible threat to any villain.

The potential of this budding hero is enormous and training together with Class 1-A will surely see it as such one of the great protagonists. Also, given the nature of the quirk due to that of Tokoyami, it will be curious to see how the two interact. What do you think of Vantablack and its quirks? Meanwhile, Shinso is also the focus of the second My Hero Academia 5 poster.

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