The multiverse is certainly a fascinating reality. There are endless copies and versions of ourselves, but with some details that always vary. The concept has often been used in fantasy worlds, particularly in the more recent era by Marvel Comics, which has aimed for the cinema exploit it with Doctor Strange.

That's already the case with some films Doctor Strange explores alternate realities, given his contact with the supernatural. With Sam Raimi's film hitting theaters worldwide over the past few days, the Supreme Sorcerer has emphasized that he plays a big part in the MCU and shows his relationship with the multiverse.

Given the popularity, Doctor Strange becomes feminine with this cosplay conceived by Lora Lunara. The female version of the popular magician isn't the protagonist, but in these photos he proves that he would be able to take on the role. As for the counterpart we already know, she wears a red and black dress and uses the same orange sigils on her hands, obviously recreated with graphics. Finally, there is no lack of two strips of white hair.

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