A very short time from the official appointment with Boruto: Naruto the next generations chapter 70, scheduled for May 19 release on MangaPlus, the first few pages have been stolen online. In the spoilers of the next chapter, the leaf village seems to succumb to the invasion of the enemies.

The cover of this new chapter of Masashi Kishimoto's work, penciled by Mikio Ikemoto, is dedicated to Amado, the former Kara scientist who is now in the service of Konoha. there front pagesees him sitting while resting his head on his right hand.

In the spoilers released on the web, we see how Kawaki wakes up again in the hospital bed where he was held after the fight that led to his brother's murder. Speaking to Sumire, she reiterates that her karma absolutely must do it protect the life of the seventh Hokage.

When the scene returns to Amado and Shikamaru, whose will was placed under the yoke of Eida in Boruto 69, Code discovers that the sheet reinforcements. Kawaki is about to arrive as Eida's omniscient eye discovers.

Before the situation escalates, Code decides to return to Kara's base of operations via her Claw Marks. Shikamaru is waiting for answers in Boruto 70. Hokage's assistant makes one last, desperate attempt to convince Eida, but the girl he cannot be deceived from his words. Before leaving, he forces Delta to attack his new allies in Konoha.

At this point, Kawaki enters the scene and stops Delta, but it's already too late. Code and Eida fled, taking Amado with them. Daemon greets the scientist, who is eventually forced to do so Remove code delimiters.

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