The anime adaptation of Spy x family he is now halfway through his first course. Phase 1 of Operation Strix has been successfully completed, but a new challenge has begun for the Forger family, perhaps even more difficult than the previous one. Here is the video preview of the seventh episode.

After miraculously convincing the caretakers of Eden College, Anya was accepted into the prestigious institute. For the little forger, this means the beginning of a new adventure.

In Spy x Family 1x06 in Twilight the details are for the second phase of Operation Strix. Papa Loid must do whatever it takes to ensure Anya gets good grades in school so the child can get the Stellae necessary to enter the Imperial Scholers. Only these top students and their families can attend the elite meetings, which Donovan Desmond, the actual target of Twilight, also attends.

Loid is aware of how distant Anya is from learning and is already planning a plan B. However, this fails miserably on the first day of school. Anya should have done it befriend Damian Desmond, but shortly after they meet, he gets a slap in the face from the telepathic child. Here's Anya's heh face in Spy x Family.

In the preview of the seventh episode Loid will urge Anya to apologize. However, his attempts seem to be in vain. The next episode, titled "Mission 7 - Target: The Second Son," will simulcast Saturday, May 21 on Crunchyroll.

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