chainsaw man comes to the general public with the animated adaptation by Studio MAPPA. The latest episode revealed more about Aki Hayakawa and the fight against the devils continues. You can find it in detail in our Chainsaw Man Episode 4 review.

The first episodes of the anime They slowly introduce the main characters and the violent world around them. Denji took center stage, while Aki was described as someone who not only hates devils (as evidenced by his reaction to having to police Denji and Power), but also takes their extermination very seriously.

Viewers were wondering what his true skills were, and the final episode provides some answers. The Last Date with the Chainsaw Man anime shows that Aki Hayakawa He is a very determined character, even contracting with a devil for greater effectiveness in the clashes.

His special pact will require significant sacrifices throughout the story. This agreement is in fact in the summoning of the giant Devil Fox, Konto trick him into devouring his enemies in exchange for losing his own body parts. You can revisit the scene of Denji and Power's rescue through the tweet at the end of the news. While waiting for the next episode, we refer you to the progress of Chainsaw Man Episode 5.

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