The viewers' favorite spring 2022 anime is without a doubt Spy x family. The protagonists' memes can now be found on every social profile connected to the world of anime and have allowed the Forger family to literally conquer the internet. Think Anya's meme face from Spy x Family animated.

The fermentation to increase the product CloverWorks and Wit Studio the fan art and illustrations of famous Japanese mangakas thought about it. Hajime Isayama, author of Attack On Titan, also dedicated a drawing to Spy x Family, certifying his passion for Tatsuya Endo's work.

These days, Twitter is depopulating the Fan art of Anya and her companions, drawn in the style of Cardcaptor Sakura. As we can see in @tweettokenblockfrndIn the foreground is Anya wearing Sakura's school uniform, while next to her in the photo are Damian Desmond with a pouty look on his face and Becky Blackbell with a video camera in hand.

The three schoolmates just met in the sixth episode of Spy x Family, and who knows what Don't make friends in the new episodes. The preview of Spy x Family episode 7 has revealed the goal of Anya, who will try to apologize to young Desmond in every possible way.

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