Embark on a journey through the vibrant sagas of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, where each arc unfolds with its own unique tempo. Let's delve into the chronicles and discern the most extensive saga nestled within this illustrious series.

  • The top begins with the Raditz saga, marking Dragon Ball's grand venture into the cosmic realm. This chapter spans 47 installments, setting the stage for the epic that follows.
  • Then, we revisit Goku's youth with the Red Ribbon Army saga, a gem among the Dragon Ball chronicles, showcasing Toriyama's artistry across 58 chapters.
  • Claiming the third spot is the Frieza saga, the tale of Namek and the emergence of the Super Saiyan, introducing Dragon Ball's first formidable antagonist. This pivotal arc stretches over 88 chapters and 1,318 pages, a testament to the series' evolving publication dynamics.
  • The Majin Buu saga may appear lengthier on paper with its 99 chapters, but with Dragon Ball's shift from 14 to 13 pages per chapter, it amasses a total of 1,325 pages.
  • Thus, the Cell saga stands as Dragon Ball's most voluminous arc: 92 chapters, yet a grand total of 1,388 pages, surpassing even Majin Buu. And within the Cell saga, we witness all of Gohan's transformations, a spectacle in itself.

Could you have predicted this ranking? Share your thoughts in the comments, and for a comprehensive view, we also present an overview of all Dragon Ball series in chronological order.

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