After the events of the 4th season Endeavor continues on his path of salvationand the second episode of My Hero Academia 5 featured another confrontation between the hero and his family. However, the scene, which was very touching due to the subjects covered, unleashed the hilarity of the web because of the very original outfit chosen by the new number one hero.

As you can see below, Endeavor was depicted in a turtleneck and light-colored jeans, a choice that apparently reminded many Look of The Rock in the famous meme from 2014. The hero will also be missing a necklace and fanny pack, but as you can see, this didn't stop more than 80,000 fans from sharing the fun comparison made by user @ FUSHIUGR0.

For those unfamiliar with the meme, remember that the picture of The Rock is from 2014 and was seriously published by the actor on his Instagram profile. Dwayne Johnson wanted to show his followers an outfit he wore during a photo shoot in the early 1990sand eventually started a fashion in the US, with lots of fans even choosing to ironically wear it on Halloween night.

Endeavor wasn't the only protagonist of My Hero Academia 5x02, however, as we remind you that both Mirko and Hawks managed to hit Twitter trends while the episode was airing. With Attack of the Giants 4 out of the game until next winter, it would seem that way The next anime to dominate social networks will be My Hero Academia.

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