Kaguya-sama: Love si War 2 is now nearing its end, but apparently the spring anime of A-1 Pictures has absolutely no intention of lowering the bar. The penultimate episode of the anime, number 11, aired yesterday, and as you can see below many fans literally burst into tears.

Unlike usual, the series has left its comedy streak aside give space to Yu Ishigami's past, treasurer of the student council and friend of the two protagonists. After the revelation of the previous episode, according to which Ishigami is said to be despised by school girls because of a stalking episode, episode 11 finally shows the real course of events.

Ishigami actually attacked the ex-boyfriend of one of his classmates after discovering that he was cheating on her and that he was about to share some risque videos, agreeing to become a scapegoat to save the girl from the boy's possible violence and bullying. other students. After being labeled a stalker and attacker, Ishigami ended up being "saved" by President Miyuki Shirogane, who together with the student council managed to put the pieces back together.

The episode adapts chapters 88 to 90, respectively titled So, Yu Ishigami closed his eyes, Miyuki Shirogane is Yu Ishigami is Kyoko Ootomo did not understand, and moments later the release ended in American Twitter trends. Next week the second season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War will end with the broadcast of episode 12.

And what do you think of it? Are you a fan of this anime? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that a short time ago the author of the manga answered questions from drunk fans, so don't miss the chance to find out what he said!

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