The King in Black event continues to have important ramifications for those of Marvel Comics and in the latest volume of Miles Morales: Spider-Man The young protagonist had to deal with a completely unexpected enemy with whom he shared important moments during his growth as a superhero.

The army of symbiotes sent by the god Knull The invasion of Earth endangers the lives of millions of people, and at the cost of self-sacrifice, many heroes of the Marvel Universe have chosen to rise to the fore and face this threat head on. Kamala KhanOne of Miles' closest friends, as well as his partner on the Avengers team and founder of the Champions team, were among them, and despite her incredible willpower, she was possessed by a symbiote.

Miles experienced firsthand what it felt like to be tied to a symbiote and found himself against his girlfriend, Mrs. Marvel. tried to establish a dialogue and initially only received replies from Knull's subordinatesAs you can see in the tables at the bottom of the page, all of New York's Yancy Street is devastating. The tape ended with no positive outlook for Kamala, whose only hope now lies in the perseverance and will of Miles himself.

Recall that in the latest installment in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Mister Negative encountered his inner demons and we'll leave you the details of the new Spider's Shadow franchise.

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