Even over fifteen years after it ended Death Note manages to get talked about. The scandals surrounding the product that Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata created years ago are always on the agenda and are among the titles that Russia, along with Tokyo Ghoul and others, has banned. For many, the story about the notebook is too disturbing.

However, it remains one of the most visited manga and anime of all time, and nowadays many people still read the story of Light Yagami who used his death note donated by Ryuk to create his ideal world. But have you ever wondered How many sides does the Death Note actually have?? Let's go through additional stories, oneshots, and statements to get the answer.

At first the mangaka probably had an idea of ​​fixed numbers, namely 60 pages with 38 lines each. This figure is from the first one-shot of Death Note, which served as the prototype for the story. These numbers were then eliminated in the main series published on Weekly Shonen Jump, and we have to wait for the final phase of the Shinigami Sidooh to know that he has to wait for the human user to finish the notebook in order to regain ownership. There is an end .

In the volume "How to Use" 31, which is at the end of Chapter 43 of Death Note, However, it is written that the pages of the death note will never end. Consequently, this seems to contrast with the words of the Shinigami and could open up different scenarios. The explanation is that when he got Sidooh to say this phrase, the Death Note writer had the line in mind that had been previously set with the OneShot, or The Shinigami just isn't familiar with the nature of the notebook.

Consequently, officially, the death note does not have a limited number of pageseven though it was originally intended.

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