After the end of the Christmas break from Weekly Shonen Jump, Eiichiro Oda turned to his chapters ONE PIECE without a break. We saw the battle between Luffy and his allies against the Emperors, as well as the beginning of Kaido's long-awaited transformation. And before the break, many more exciting battles await us.

Not a hybrid Kaido, but a pretty thorough rundown of some of the skirmishes going on in Onigashima. The protagonist of Chapter 1004 of ONE PIECE It is undoubtedly Tama in the first part who has again proven to be the real weak point of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. With the help of Speed, the girl arrived on the island and has meanwhile prepared many dangos with her strength. These have been given to many poisons who keep spreading them and creating an army that rebelled against their captain.

While Sasaki and Franky fight, Nami, Usopp, Tama and Komachiyo stormed in, followed by Page One and Ulti. When Nami Ulti temporarily lands at a Thunderlance Tempo, the soldiers who devoured the dango fight Sasaki's followers. In this way, Franky is more free range and beats the triceratops with a swordand wound him to blood.

Instead, the one who is not doing well is Sanji, who got rid of Black Maria's male followers but couldn't touch the women. The giant spider asks him to call Nico Robin, an important target for Kaido, but Bao Huan has since found the Nine Red Sheaths. By order of the king, temporarily betrothed to Marco, it will be Black Maria to take them out. But ONE PIECE's samurai seem to have received mysterious help, who will it be? ONE PIECE will pause next week.

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