The manga by Chainsaw man seems to be closer to completion with the release of each chapter and the quality of the work Tatsuki Fujimoto it practically never had any drops. Chainsaw Man's success is now certain, and as the rumors for the anime continue to grow, fans continue to pay homage to the work in their own way.

The latest insane tribute from a Japanese reader it could literally leave you breathlesssince, as you can see on the news above, he has managed to carve a life-size statue of the protagonist from a simple tree trunk. What makes the company even more impressive is the tool it uses: ironically a chainsaw.

Apart from some minor finishing, The statue was made exclusively with a mechanical saw with a mixer motorthat the boy used to carefully carve a tree near his home. The result is absolutely extraordinary and the statue could easily end up in a collectors house.

What do you think about it? You like it? Let us know if you read Chainsaw Man with a comment and share your thoughts on this work of art! If you have a passion for the manga, you can't really miss this great cosplay dedicated to the protagonist Denji.

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