Dragon Ball Superpurely narrative and original, he has not yet managed to develop, on the contrary, he has indefinitely recycled situations and scenes that were already metabolized during his prequel. Even so, the series was able to make some changes, such as the growth of Goku.

Chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super actually promises a new development for the legendary protagonist. The chapter starts right where we left off, and Goku tries hard to keep his emotions in check. But just as the anger attacks him, he realizes the differences between him and Merus, a responsible hero who is ready to sacrifice his life not for himself but for the good of the entire universe. After a Saiyan sigh regains control of his emotions and after a short dialogue with Jaco he realizes that he too has become a kind of galactic patrolman.

The new and unexpected agent turns back to Molo, ready to continue the fight, and after an explosion of energy from his body that leaves everyone carved in stone, the atmosphere suddenly freezes: Goku has achieved the Ultra Complete Instinct.

The fight finally begins and the wizard himself for a moment, he realizes he's scared. The protagonist thus shows a sublime technique, his speed is such that he can parry and hit the opponent without looking directly at him. His ultra-instinct is now complete and every movement no longer goes through the mind, but directly from the body, which is acting of free will. Molo, enraged, goes wild and rushes to Goku's attack, but the latter unexpectedly uses a technique used during the Freeza saga to immobilize him and hit him with a punch so powerful that he's all over the place Earth echoes.

Beerus now recognizes Goku's change fight like a deity and for that he shows him all his exemplary respect. After a quick glance between the two of them, the Saiyan turns back to Molo, who is now badly damaged. The wizard has no intention of giving up and pulls magma from the earth. Goku, however, sends him straight to the lava with one blow with his shoulders, which kills him. And while the protagonist tries to destroy the earth, he throws the villain away with a kick that is crushed by the weight of heavy boulders.

Molo begins to begto plead for mercy, but Goku, after asking Jaco to confirm whether the wizard has still been sentenced to death, decides to tear off his suit be able to fight like an Earthling. The Saiyan's strange decision surprises Beerus, who reveals that he has a bad feeling.

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