We've been dealing with one since the late 1980s Horror and Fantasy Story by Kentaro Miura. Unfortunately, the Mangaka only made 361 chapters of Berserk for the time being, a number due to many pauses that sometimes resulted in the work not being published for months. However, in the past few days, hope has returned to fans.

A sudden and sensational announcement from Young Animal awaited the arrival of a new project on Berserk, which at the moment is still a secret. It is not known exactly what it can be, and the evidence does not allow for many assumptions. Whether it's manga news, new animated creations, or a video game on the series, Some fans have started to fantasize.

There are those who expect a Berserker created by WIT Studioothers who wonder if the manga will advance faster thanks to the new method of creating comics from Studio GAGA. Others are generally hoping for a new anime that has been made perfect and from scratch, and some are still hoping for a Dark Souls-like berserk game.

However, there are also conflicting opinions. There are people who wonder why a Berserk Twitter account suddenly revived in 2016 to share the announcement and those who are already convinced that it will be a little novelty, like a mobile video game, and that it will ultimately kill the little hope the fandom had for the franchise. Below are some of the tweets that hers share Impression on the berserk announcement, on which side are you?

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