I'm looking forward to the fifth season of the cartoon My hero academia, a fan of Kohei Horikoshi's work, has recreated two of the most popular protagonists in computer graphics, Number One Hero Endeavor and his son Shoto Todoroki.

While fans eagerly await the arrival of the new anime season, a My Hero Academia fan has imagined the protagonists in a specific version made in computer graphics. Given the worldwide success of Kohei Horikoshi's work, the arrival of a film in this particular style and work cannot be ruled out it could be inspiring.

On his Instagram profile, artist Hannu Koskinen shared a series of images depicting Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki animated in computer graphics. While hero number one is still in the "work in progress" phase, his son is amazingly skilled. The stinging on his face is almost macabre, while the icy details on his other half are impressive. ""There were several problems with the old version. Most obvious was the scar on his face and eyes. I didn't mean to make the burn too scary, he's the best looking student in grade 1-A after all"he wrote about the pictures.

Koskinen who works for Rovio Entertainment is a big fan of the franchise by Horikoshi and it is not the first time that he has shared one of his works in computer graphics. In the past he made models for Bakugo, Shigaraki or Toga. Will he ever do a full CG episode? In anticipation of that possibility, here are a limited number from My Hero Academia. Halloween night was especially scary because of this My Hero Academia cosplay.

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"What matters is actions. You have to show him what you are trying to prove. What you say is nowhere near as important." I present you Todoroki version 1.03b. There were a lot of issues that I didn't like with the old one and that I've wanted to address for a long time. The obvious was with the burned scar and eyes. I didn't want to make his scar too cruel, he's the most beautiful student in class 1-A after all. 😁 As I continue to work on his, I think this would be the perfect time to tweak Shoto. Enji is a very rough WIP right now as you can probably see. 😉 # 僕 の ヒ ー ロ ー ア カ デ ミ ア # 麗 日 お 茶 子 #digitalart #instaart #visdev #substancepainter #characterdesign # 3d # Digital3d # 3drendering #coronarenderer #zbrush #todoravendering # #hotokhera Academy

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