The narrative arc, dedicated to the movement and joint training of the most promising students of Yuei High School, provides an excellent opportunity to give way to characters who are considered secondary as well and in the sixth episode of season five My hero academia A Class 1-B member demonstrated his dangerous skills.

In the last episode, Deku's companions were involved in the second battle, that is T.Okoyami, Aoyama, Yayorozu, and Hagakureappeared to have gained an advantage over their opponents, but the little Shemage decided to take advantage of a trait of her quirk and revealed an incredible ace in the hole in the ranks of the 1-B class. Shemage It is in fact capable of producing mushrooms on any surface, object, or living being for about two or three hours as long as it is around it.

Apparently it seems like a harmless, extremely situational force, but Shemage has managed to use it wisely and guarantee their group victory, making it impossible for Tokoyami to participate in the fight. by growing mushrooms in the young student's lungs. An effect that was as dangerous as it was effective, which made the rivalry between the two classes even tougher.

Recall that Kohei Horikoshi paid homage to Dragon Ball with a sketch, and we leave you to Todoroki's poster for Jump GIGA Spring.

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