The Kara organization has officially taken its first step and threatened the leaf village. Despite Kashin Koji's plan to bypass surveillance on the outskirts of Konoha, another member has chosen to take preventive action, leading to the intense battle shown in the episode previewed 198.

From the first spoilers and details that surfaced a few days ago, Delta, one of the key members of the administration of Kara's operations, was expected to collide with nothing less than the seventh Hokage in episode 198. By title "monster"The episode in question was featured in the frenetic video which can be found below and which is shared on Twitter by @ Abdul_S17.

Naruto doesn't seem particularly concerned about the challenge who waits for him and asks his young student for information about the opponent. Kawaki declares that he is one of the members who are at the core of the organization and that, like everyone else in those positions, He's a real monster in terms of power and violence. Instead, Delta admits that she is honored to be able to challenge a Naruto ranked fighter who will use Chakra Mode to face her.

We also remember that the Seventh Hokage paid tribute to his mentor, Jiraiya, and we leave you to the various previews of the next episodes of Boruto.

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