Since debuting alongside Saitama as Saitama attempted to surpass the B-class heroes, Fubuki has proven to be an important addition to Saitama's story. One hit man, especially during the current and intense struggle between the union of heroes and that of monsters, in which he rendered an incredible rescue.

By doing Beginning tables of Chapter 140We immediately see the conditions under which Genos finds himself, who, despite the help of Drive Knight, has not been able to fully recover and is one step away from ultimate self-destruction. The series of battles with the most powerful monsters strains the heroes of the S-class and the bursts of energy from Genos' body risk further endangering him and the other fighters and decides to sacrifice himself for the others.

Fortunately, Fubuki enters the scene, deeply upset by Genos' decision and approaches him to harness her psychic energy, and so manages to do it Suppress the internal reactions to the hero's body and heal the serious injuries to the organs. To complete his miraculous intervention, Fubuki absorbs the excess energy Genos has accumulated, eliminating any risk of explosion.

If this extraordinary amount of energy is not included, Fubuki begins to bleed from his mouth and passes out. With this action she managed not only to save Genos, but also all the other heroes in the vicinity who would inevitably be affected by the self-destruction of Saitama's pupil.

Recall that Saitama received a loyal female cosplay, and we'll let you find out who would win in a hypothetical clash between Goku and Saitama.

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