The fan art dedicated to My Hero Academia continues: this time a fan of the superhero work written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi recreated Kyoka Jiro's character in computer graphics.

At the bottom of the news, you can find the post that the famous user shared on Instagram Hannu Koskinenwho has recreated several characters from My Hero Academia in the 3DCG version in the past few months. In the computer graphics expert's Instagram message, we can see the work that has been worked on Kyoka JiroWhile other images, always in the mail, focus on some details of the clothing or other characteristics typical of the superheroine. In the commentary on his works, Hannu Koskinen shows that it was very difficult for him to recreate Jiro, contrary to what he thought before he started working on it.

His post has achieved considerable success and more than received it 120 thousand likes and 800 commentsSome of the protagonists in the episodes and volumes of My Hero Academia can be seen on his official Instagram profile. What do you think of this version of the character? Let us know with a comment on the news.

Finally, we also report on the trailer for the new season of My Hero Academia, which the BONES studio is working on.

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A contribution by Hannu Koskinen (@hkoskine)

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