Ash Ketchum, the trainer of Pokemon started more than 25 years ago in the small town of Pallet Town and eventually became world champion, is about to say goodbye to the series. Before they say goodbye, however, fans have the chance to follow him on his latest adventure alongside a new and powerful team of Pokémon.

Since the first episode of The goal is to be a Pokémon masterIn fact, the protagonist, along with his beloved Pikachu and companion, has embarked on a new journey between the known regions that he has already seen in the past but never used by Ash during the World Coronation Series or in the final seasons of the anime. It's a team that's certainly willing to face any kind of difficulty Ash might encounter, but also have a way to get there a tribute to all the different generations of Pokémon previously known.

@anipoke_PR's post at the bottom of the page shows the Pokémon Ketchum chose for his final steps in the series. from Second generation Donphan to sixth generation Noivernwe pass Sceptile of the third and Buizel of the fourth, the protagonist has focused on Pokemon of different types and with abilities that would certainly allow him to do it master even the most complex challenges. The appeal is still missing copies of the fifth and seventh generations, but it cannot be ruled out that we will see them in the eleven episodes of this special series. What do you think of Ash's team? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we remember that in one of the short films dedicated to Team Rocket appeared Koraidon, the first legendary Paldea to arrive in the anime and we let you discover Ash's destination in his final journey.

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