The war continues, leaving more and more dead and wounded in its wake. With the king of terror, the evil All for One, on the battlefield, death is certain. In My Hero Academy These scenes are now the order of the day and are now returning in light of the end of the manga's hiatus. Here is the content My Hero Academia 385 spoilers.

The chapter begins again with the area where All for One is located. Mount Lady, Tokoyami, Hawks, and Gigantomachia keep attacking the villain, but he starts to fight back. Suddenly all the way first pages of My Hero Academia 385, All for One counters with huge whips that KO first Mount Lady and then Gigantomachia. The villain's body is completely destroyed, but he regenerates. However, even in this state, he is able to launch a massive attack on Hawks and Tokoyami, who are completely overwhelmed by a beam of light. Everyone is down and there seems to be no escape for them while Mineta tries to attack the villain with one of her hairballs. However, All for One leaves the area.

In the underground bunkers, civilians wonder why they stopped moving. The kids watch the Gunga fight on a tablet where All for One wins while the Todorokis are there. Everyone begins to lose hope when a minion of villains makes his move. Gunhead notices this, but parts of the ceiling begin to collapse, but the debris is stopped by Death Arms, who rescue some civilians. At ground zero, Iida holds up a wounded and tired Shoto, it's not all over. And meanwhile the The finale of My Hero Academia 385 features an appearance from Stainwith the villain nearby.

Here is the My Hero Academia calendar and the breaks it will be taking over the next month.

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