Past and present always belong together Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, in a game of recalls and inheritance that never ends, with humans holding a thread that cannot be broken by the evil of Kibutsuji Muzan's demons. This thread started a long time ago, as a memory of Tanjiro shows.

The first episode of Demon Slayer Season 3 is about different scenarios. In one of them we see the swordsman protagonist recovering from the arduous fight in the red light district. While sleeping, he suddenly gains access to some dormant memories that do not belong to him, but to which he nonetheless has a connection. And so he meets one of his ancestors, Sumiyoshibut also a demon hunter who seems to be quite powerful.

Demon Slayer 3x01 just introduced the strongest demon hunter especially the one that Tanjiro had long sought to learn something more about the Sun's Breath that few previously knew. While Sumiyoshi looks identical to Tanjiro except for the lack of the birthmark on his forehead, the demon hunter standing in front of him has this birthmark in the form of a flame.

Obviously, the connection between the protagonist and the swordsman is not entirely clear, nor how long before the present this meeting took place. However, in the meantime there was not only room for the protagonists Demon Slayer 3x01 officially placed the two strongest demons in the service of Kibutsuji Muzan.

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