Lucius Zogratis’ paladins have finally invaded the kingdom of Clover. The invasion ushered in the villain’s long-awaited doomsday, and that means it Final War of the Black Clover Mangawhich will lead the protagonists to a horrible end or to a victory that will save the world.

At the moment, no one seemed able to hold their own against the enemies, neither the main villain nor his angel soldiers. However, Yuno’s intervention saved all who risked death, even enhancing them and making them capable of responding to enemy fire. The Black Clover 357 spoilers They start right away with the young wizard knight who sees his blow saved by Lucius Zogratis’ simple hand.

Meanwhile, the war continues on the rest of the battlefield. A part of the chapter focuses on Yami Sukehiro and especially on Captain Jack. The latter is at least partially healed, but still appears to be dying, and so begins a flashback showing the encounters between Jack, Yami, and Morgen. Awakening, the green mantis captain unleashes all his power at once and decides to cut everything up. Though he doesn’t meet tomorrow Jack creates a huge rift which extends beyond the capital and even wounds some of the enemy angels. Eventually he breaks down, with only regret for not being able to slice Yami.

However, the ending is dedicated to another character, with Mereoleona attacks some enemies but that you see his arm attacked and blown away. What fate for the flamboyant Black Clover captain?

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