In the Demon Hunter Corps of Demon Hunter There are definitely unique characters. Many of these figures were already familiar, both on the lower floors and on the higher tiers, especially the pilasters. All of these have a character that identifies them, and we've already seen him in the first two seasons of Demon Slayer.

So far, Tanjiro and Nezuko have met Giyu Tomioka, Kocho Shinobu, Rengoku Kyojuro, and Uzui Tengen, although they've also seen the other pillars. But in Demon Slayer season 3which just launched on Crunchyroll, Mitsuri has also appeared and will feature prominently in the next few episodes, and has already started collaborating with the protagonist.

But why Mitsuri Kanroji joined the Demon Hunters? The swordswoman certainly has a special past, like all warriors belonging to this group, but she has a special motivation for joining them. In Demon Slayer 3x01, the woman met Tanjiro and over the course of the evening she also started talking about herself, mentioning motivation.

Mitsuri teamed up to find a gentleman to spend eternity with. Basically, Mitsuri hopes to find love during the demon hunter missions, even if the average life of these fighters is very short and they are mostly humans engaged in deadly battles. Mitsuri also lives up to her role as a pillar of love.

And she was always the protagonist of another scene or the moment when Mitsuri was at the spa, which caught the attention of all Demon Slayer Season 3 viewers.

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