Last September, the third season of Sex Education debuted on Netflix, a hit TV series about teens exploring themselves and their sexuality. Sex Education has been very successful since the first season, which like the others was conceived by Laurie Nunn.

With Sex Education 4 already in the works, the UK franchise has decided to expand to other media: in recent days, theManga adaptation of the opera. Very surprising news, but considering the recent success of Japanese comics, it surprises us to a point.

As reported in @'s tweetMangaMoguraRewhich you can read at the end of the news that first chapter of the manga β€œSex Education”. will debut on the site weird bridge Friday, July 15, 2022. Also always in the mail from @MangaMoguraRe You can see a first illustration of the author of the manga John Tarachinewith Otis, Maeve and Eric.

We don't yet know if the work will present an original story or if it will just be the adaptation of the events of the TV series. Netflix had already done it with some success stranger things In the world of comics, through paper spin-offs, will you be able to effectively replicate the marketing maneuver even with sex education?

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