During his conversation with the remains of One For All, Deku promised Nana Shimura to rescue Tomura Shigaraki. Given what is happening in the final chapters of My hero academycan Midoriya stay true to that word or is the villain already in the hands of All For One?

Already from the first war between Villain and Heroes it became clear how the body looks like Tomura Shigaraki was now almost below the Control over the symbol of fear. Even in the fight against Star and Stripe, we've seen Shigaraki occasionally lose control of his psyche and internally fight to regain it.

Now, in Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia, evil seems to have taken hold of him for good. During the battle with Bakugo and the other heroes present, Shigaraki adjusts to his new body and begins to rave about how he'll manage it rule the world.

But controlling the company of heroes has never been one Shiagraki's wish, which should only sow destruction. This is actually the aim of All For One, which seems to have its heirs fully under control. There seems to be no trace of Shigaraki left and that means it for Izuku, things get a lot more complicated than expected Save Shimura's grandson. That Midoriya is forced to kill the My Hero Academia villain?

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