Demon Slayer, the goose who lays the golden eggs of Weekly Shonen Jump, continues to dominate the monthly sales charts, although the work has now been completed for several months. Oricon recently released the July reports. Unveiling the top 20 most profitable series and reaffirm the success of Koyoharu Gotouge's work.

The reports speak of others 5.5 billion yen raised by the franchise in July (44 million euros), which would correspond to at least 4/5 million more copies sold. The growth of labor would therefore not have slowed down and would now prepare to break the wall of one hundred million copies in circulation. The numbers are clearly set to rise as October sales continue to rise - presumably - thanks to the release of the film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train. In all cases it is good to indicate this The ranking refers to the income of the franchiseand not solely from selling the manga.

The second place in the ranking was won by Koi wa Tsuzukuyo DokomademoIn third place we find the lucky one Millionaire detective. Place in the top 10 for some of the most popular series of the last five years such as Slime life, My hero academia is The Promised Neverland. Kaguya-sama: love is war stops in eleventh place Spy x familyTetsuya Endo's masterpiece, which also arrives in Italy, closes in eighteenth place.

In the ranking, reserved for manga only, Demon Slayer comes first, followed by The Promised Neverland, My Hero Academia, Kingdom and Haikyu !!. Tenth place also for Act-Age, Tatsuya Matsuki's work was recently interrupted after the scandal in which the author appeared as the protagonist.

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